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Here, have a little cover of “Trellia’s Bay” that I cooked up overnight.

It was an honor being a part of this awesome album, contributing two tracks, one of which is a remix of a theme so iconic I probably shouldn’t even be touching it in the first place.

Great job to all involved, and much thanks to Kyle for inviting me to be a part of this.

On Lethargy

It’s April 5th. Hardcore Adventure Box: World 2, a metal cover of “The Flim Flam Brothers”, and that metal remix of “Dragonborn” should have been released at least about a week ago. It’s not, and I have some ‘splaining to do.

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Very rarely do I do remixes that aren’t VGM, brony, or some sort of television/game related media. But AutoReMi-PK is a bro, KyleJCrb’s a bro, and Nitro Game Injection is awesome.

You can hear the original track here.

Download the album here.

"Why are you releasing stuff when x is overdue?"

Quick update for those who might think, given my recent (and upcoming as-of-yet-announced) releases this month, that I’ve stopped working on Hardcore Adventure Box and that “Dragonborn” remix:

I haven’t stopped working on Hardcore Adventure Box and that “Dragonborn” remix. Hardcore Adventure Box is still slated for a release this month. The “Dragonborn” remix will likely be released first, or at least, a certain iteration of it.

After March, you likely won’t hear much from me for a while as far as big releases though. I’ve got something in the works — a large collaboration, actually — and if all goes well, you’ll all get something very fresh and interesting.

Bear with me, friends. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

More Guild Wars 2 fan music from me. Orchestral, again. This time around, it’s a theme for one of my characters.

This week, I took on “Kazakh Theme” from Strider ‘89. I’ve never actually played the game; my first exposure to the source tune was the recent reboot. Get that game, it’s amazing.

I shot for a Meta Gear Rising feel with the remix, and even put in a couple of nods to “Rules of Nature”.

This is how cool my wife and roommates are.

My wife collects My Little Pony figures. My roommates collect WWE action figures. Instead of keeping them in a box, they like to display them. Everywhere. And it’s awesome.

Here’s Stone Cold Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan looking at the birthday cards my wife’s parents gave her last month.


Here’s Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder petting a very-in love Dr. Whooves and Derpy Hooves.


In 2012, I got a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set for free from Capcom, because one of my remixes was featured on the included Fan Mix disc. I posed the statue, and then put some stuff on top of it. The CM Punk figure was a Christmas gift. Notice Ryu’s shirt. Yeah, that’s Bret Hart riding Princess Cadance.


This is our entertainment stand. It’s a bit difficult to navigate; sometimes the figures get in the way of disc trays and stuff for the game systems. My wife set this up.





And this sits next to the entertainment stand.


Living here rocks.


Man this series makes no fucking sense