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Any Parks and Recreation fans in the house? My roommate challenged me to do a metal cover of the opening, so, yeah, I did.

I like to edit pictures my wife takes.
Also, yes, my cat is named after an Octonaut.

I like to edit pictures my wife takes.

Also, yes, my cat is named after an Octonaut.

So here’s a little thingy I’m on. Yay, Game Boy! Remember how mindblowing Pokémon was the first time around? Me too. You may never feel that again.

I’d like to thank Brandon Strader and Chernabogue for putting up with my slackerness while not turning in my remix for so long.

Indefinite hiatus from brony music

This may upset some people. But it definitely won’t upset very many, which is actually one of the reasons this is happening.

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So you wanna use my music?

My music, much of it being free, comes with an inherent inevitability that tracks I make will be used in a variety of content, such as YouTube videos, fan games, and podcasts. While I’m humbled that people would consider my music for material in their own creative endeavors, there are a few things I ask you to consider before you slap my track onto your project.

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"Battle on the Breachmaker" by Leif Chappelle. "The Nightmare Within" by Maclaine Diemer. Metal. ‘Nuff said.

I remixed Titanfall this week. You know that smooth track you hear while hanging out in the lobby on the Militia team? Yeah. That track. Only nice n’ heavy.

Pay no attention, I’m just geeking out about Airbase Sierra

I was playing Titanfall tonight and noticed a cool little detail.

In Airbase Sierra, the Militia is trying to sabotage the wildlife repulsion towers so that the massive super-dinosaur things around the base will move in and destroy it, and the fleet along with it. And as the match goes on in Classic Multiplayer, if the Militia is getting points, these towers will start detonating and falling down in the background.

But I was IMC, and we kicked the Militia’s ass. And as the Militia pilots were trying to escape, I look up and see a bunch of ships in the IMC fleet start taking off. The match actually ended with us stopping the Militia from destroying Airbase Sierra, and that reflected in the map during the epilogue.

I thought that was a cool little detail. Damn, this game is a blast.

Direct pooooooooost! OverClocked ReMix just uploaded my Sparkster remix, one of my three direct post remixes slated for OCR as of today. Check it!

Kids These Days

I’ve recently found a new favorite first-person shooter; Titanfall. For those who haven’t played it, picture a sweet, sweet lovechild of fast-paced arena shooters like Unreal Tournament, milshooters like Call of Duty, and a sci-fi atmosphere complete with Macross-inspired giant humanoid mecha. Basically, this game is a dream come true for me.

From a gameplay perspective, that is. See, I’m a pretty old-school kind of guy when it comes to FPS games. Gameplay comes first for me. Systems of progression, such as weapon unlocks, levels, etc. are cool, and can do quite a bit to add some depth to the game, but they don’t make a first-person shooter for me. The gameplay does.

It used to be that gameplay was really all there was to a game like that. There is no level progression in Unreal Tournament or Quake or Halo:CE. You go in and play the game because it’s fun while you’re playing it.

And yet, everywhere I go where Titanfall or Respawn maintains a social media presence, I see the same thing: High school kids flooding the comments section because “they hit Gen 10 and now they’re bored”.

Since when does this sense of e-peen take a backseat to gameplay as far as not being bored is concerned? Games were created because they’re fun to play at the time. If largely arbitrary numbers are the only prerogative for playing a game, why would a person even bother? Does that person even really enjoy the game?

It seems like nobody appreciates games for the gameplay anymore. Back in the day, you played a game because it was fun to play. It’s fun to run around a colorful level and jump on enemies’ heads. It’s fun to jump in a server with a bunch of people and shoot rockets at each other as they try to grab flags. Now? People only see achievement points and levels, stuff they can brag about without realizing that nobody really cares. People don’t enjoy games anymore. They’re looking for a false sense of merit. I’d rather not see games devolve into providing that and nothing more. And it’s nice to see games coming out that still keep core gameplay and enjoyability of the moment as a priority.

If Titanfall had everything unlocked from the start, and levels/regenerations didn’t exist in the game at all, I’d still be playing as much as I do now. If that statement makes you tilt your head and ask “Why?” then I doubt you really enjoy playing games. Or maybe you just don’t like Titanfall, and if that’s the case, please shut up and stop wasting devs’ time with “moar levels plz”.